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Any inks or pigments used in my dice make no difference to the weight of each die. If inclusions are used, I will make sure that they are as lightweight as possible or made of a material that matches the density of the resin used, which means that they will be perfectly weighted.


I am a one-woman team and all of my dice are handmade by myself. This means that my estimated shipping time is around 5-10 business days. 

Stickers will be shipped out more frequently as they take less time to make.

My apparel is shipped by third-party sellers rather than by myself, so the estimated shipping time may be longer than my other products 


"Amazing quality dice, really carefully packaged, plus I got a Nat 20 on my first roll, which is always a good sign 😍 will definitely be ordering from this seller in the future!"
"These dice are absolutely gorgeous! So clear how much care was put in to them and when they were delayed in the post the seller was lovely when I asked for an update! 100% recommend!!"
"Another fantastic set from the dice witch! I was so happy with this set and the packaging they arrived in! Definitely a great purchase."
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